Thursday, July 21, 2011


Transformation-means to change or alter in character or condition.  I believe that in order to transform you must be transformed by the renewing of your mind. (see Romans 12:2)  In order to transform you must begin to embrace the inner child within.  You must realize that there are instances that come from our childhood that has an effect on our lives today. Our inner child has to be transformed into who we desire to become. Our inner child lies within our subconcious mind.  As we begin the transformation process we must realize that the transformation starts from within.  Once we receive inner healing we can then truly say we are walking in Soul Prosperity.  I had to embark on the ultimate journey in which i had to confront issues that tend to effect my adult life.  And all these issues pointed back to my inner child.  I often felt lonely, deprived, neglected, unloved, and depressed.  I suffer depression since I was a young child.  I remember feeling as if no one ever loved me. I also came to the conclusion that I have never really experienced real genuine love until I felt the love of the Father.  Our Creator gives us that undeniable love that we cannot deny.  He is awesome, marvelous, and wondrous and worthy.  I believe that transformation is  a process that is overdue in the body of Christ. We are hurting in the inside.  We do not know how to address our issues and most of us choose to ignore our pain.  We must utilize the pain for our pleasure.  I utilize my pain by focusing on how I can help others receive their manifested healing.  I hope that you are enjoying this blog and I believe  that you receive your manifested healing if you continuosly seek God with all your heart.  God says,  If my people who are called by my name will pray and humble themselves then will I hear from heaven , and heal their land. We must believe that God is able to do all he says he will do.  Do not let the enemy come in to stay in your mind.  Choose transformation today.  Begin to first, acknowledge God, as he lead you and continue to guide you on toward Soul Prosperity.


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