Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Persistence is the Key

Persistence is the key to any endeavor.. You must maintain and perceive the simple fact that persistence is very important concerning your goals, ambitions, and desires. Upon this perception you must conceive the thought and idea that captivates your mind on a daily basis. Recognize that your desire will align with your purpose when you persistently pursue it.  Persistence is the need to accomplish as well as maintain your goal as you venture on toward success in all areas of your lives. Do not give up on your dream, but constantly pursue your dream with the very motive to accomplish all you desire. Delight in all that you do by remaining focused on the dream that is within you. In the moment you choose to give up, you've missed the very chance you need to endure the persistence effort of patience.  Patience, persistence and passion, will lead you on the path of purpose.  Every trial and tribulation you go through in pursuit of your goal will resist your persistent effort of Faith. Faith is the glue that keeps you and motivates you to persistently pursue your dreams. Allow your faith to move you, as you massively act upon that faith that is very necessary to sustain your persitence.  In order to succeed you must choose to never give up.  Your desire to succeed will compel you to persistently achieve all that you hope for and all that you desire. In the making of a movie for instance I assume that the actors must have a level of patience as well as persistence to actively pursue and activate their faith in each scene. Simple fact they act not knowing how the movie will turn out but under the assumption that they gave it their best performance. We must perform and persistently act upon our strength as well as our weaknesses. It is very necessary to believe that our lives is a great movie that we can create, and supply the actors that involves or surround us during the scenes that we must orchestrate as we persistently design our lives of success, happiness and joy as well as Soul Prosperity .  Persistently pursue your passion as you walk toward your purpose.

Glenda Powell

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