Monday, May 30, 2011


Have you ever walked down the street with your eyes closed?  I wonder what would happen if you walked down the street with your eyes closed only to discover you are at a dead end street?  Well as odd as this scenario seems we tend to walk down the street with our eyes closed because of the simple fact to the matter is that we are are all blind.  Why, did i say we are blind?
 Well if you dont know your purpose then you are at a dead end street.  We are walking through life as if we are blind when we fail to realize that we were all created for a purpose  Our God the creator of the heavens and earth instilled purpose in you from the the time you entered your mother's womb.  Our god planned your existence.  You exist because of who  God is.  To live a life without purpose is to live a meaningless life of misery and discontentment. Living a life of purpose will satisfy your soul.  We must seek soul prosperity in order to attain a higher level of existence.  We exist for the purpose of serving our creator.  We must clarify our purpose by surrendering our purpose to God as well as acknowledge him. 
In  order to clarify your purpose you must search within your heart, soul and mind.  You must understand that your purpose is to build the kingdom of god through  creativity and productivity.  We must honour our Heavenly Father in all that we do.  Clarify your purpose by allowing god to show you your strengths as well as your weaknesses.  Your strengths will be a clue to your purpose.  You must align your life with the Creator in order to fulfill your purpose. 
I realize years ago that my life is not my own.  Before i really believed I was in control and i will even admit to manipulating certain situations for my own selfish desires.  A purpose filled life is unselfish. 
Clarify your purpose by being content with the gifts and talents god has blessed you with.  We all have at least one gift, and that gift is the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is your comforter and he teaches you all things, and he revealeth all things.  As you learn to  trust the Holy Spirit he will begin to reveal your purpose in the kingdom of God.
 You must realize we must serve others by becoming a servant to whom god appoints over us.  It could be a boss, your parents, or teachers, pastor or who ever god's chooses.  You must remember god will clarify your purpose through other people.  It will be other people that will appreciate and recognize your gift.  You must never lose focus. If you clarify your purpose by narrowing out your intentions and recognizing your strengths  you will understand that it was God's plan from the very beginning.  So begin to Clarify your purpose by mentally visualizing your desires along with your strengths.  Your strengths will afford you your desires.  Your strengths is your key to your purpose.  Therefore, began to believe in yourself.  Visualize and believe that you can live a purpose filed life with meaning an contentment.  Visualization will manifest into reality, if you truly believe that your reality does exist.  Clarify your purpose and begin to walk down that street with your eyes open because now you see. You are no longer blind but full of Vision.  Your Vision is the purpose you must achieve.
 Remember to Unlock and Unleash - the first step was must clarify. So therefore , i hope that i have enlightened you as to what you must clarify. I am committed to lead you and guide you to the well, but it is up to you to drink.. So with that said. I encourage you to follow Soul Prosperity. for i have become committed to blog for your inner healing,  inspiration, encouragement as well as share my wisdom, and knowledge.  And remember to make Soul Prosperity your ultimate out come..remember .......................
Clarify your Purpose.........
xoxoxo *STAR*
glenda powell

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