Saturday, May 28, 2011


Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. (3 john 2)

I believe that as we have been positioned to receive from the Lord. Our god is faithful and continuosly seeks to bless us with abundance. Yet truthfully most crave the abundance that the world gives.  In order to receive Soul Prosperity that one truly desires you must be willing to Unlock and Unleash your potential to receive such a blessing of abundance. I will continuosly guide you along the way and hold your hand as well. I plan to lead you as well as equip you to receive the Soul Prosperity god intended. Before i guide you to several steps you must make in order to receive the Soul Prosperity god intended. I will share the acronym that was given to me by Our Creator.
SOUL=SALVATION,OPTIMISM, AND UNDENIABLE LOVE. This is the perfect combination and the meaning of Soul Prosperity. The concept of Soul Prosperity is factual that Salvation is a part of divine existence. Salvation is our redemption from sin and the effects thereof. As we embrace Optimism, we must build on our confidence in Our Heavenly Father as we have access to the Undeniable Love, that is shed abroad within our mind spirit and in the depths of our Soul Prosperity. I want to invoke and inspire healing and rejuvenation as well as steer you on to the path of Soul Prosperity. \on this wonderful journey you will be enlightened and able to receive the transformation needed to inherit the Soul Prosperity god has orchestrated..
In order to Unlock and Unleash you must first clarify the results you desire in your life.  While clarifying the desired results you hope to achieve you must get totally focused and clear as well as remained attentive to your desired result.  The achievement you want in the case of going where you are to where you want to be. You must develop a plan: a specific strategy. We must all take our Soul Prosperity serious. Soul Prosperity involves and is not limited to our health as well as our wealth. The attainment of Soul Prosperity will  cause you to live a life of fullfillment  and experience tremendous joy in the process. You will begin to feel the excitement of the pursuit of Soul Prosperity once you truly understand the true meaning that i shared with you.  In the process we must keep a attitude of gratitiude, by always and continuosly be thankful and exhibit grateful behaviour. So therefore wining, mumbling, and murmuring, complaining, gossip and the like is not an option. You must make up your mind and be open to recieve soul prosperity. You must Unlock and Unleash your full potential. I came to realize that nothing changes without new actions. It is true massive action creates results. If you choose to do the same thing over and over and never make any adjustments to your life or situation accordingly then you fail to take the risk needed to gain mental clarity. Mental clarity is  necessary to receive  the abundance of god's gift and that is Soul Prosperity. Another truth is the fact that repitition is the mother of skill. I believe that practice does not make perfect but Perfect makes practice..Beloved, you must believe that the smallest decisive notion could change the desired outcome of your life.
If you focus on the potential outcome of a situation, then opportunities will begin to present themselves. You must decide to concentrate on your desired outcome. Do not entangle your mind with foolishness by focusing on things you cannot change or have no control over. This leads to anxiety, depression, and even bitterness. And i speak from my own personal experience. You must mentally begin to visualize and create your Soul Prosperty within your mind until you attain that which you desire.

(1) Develop a posititve mindset.
(2) Commit to massive action.
(3) Constantly develop your self mentally, physically , and spiritually.
(4) Create time for yourself. For relaxation and meditation and appreciation.
(5) Dedicate and focus on what you want to accomplish

Remember you must continously make decisions and create new actions. I truly understand Unlock and Unleash is a task within itself. Therefore Actions are fueled by the power of emotions. It is up to you to nurture your mind, by realizing mental clarity is a focus much needed. I will explain what The power of Emotions is in the next article.  I want you to reread THE POWER IN FORGIVENESS because as i have said this is the door opener. And i must add i am leading you and guiding you along the way. I am experiencing Soul Prosperity. and my mission is to inspire others. I have also had to be burned in the fire thus i use to be that Mold. although now i have been Made over..

xoxox -*STAR*
glenda powell

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