Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Do you realize that we have the ability to control our emotions.? We are able to take control over how we feel. But most of us do not embrace our empowering emotions.  The world resides and revolves around emotions. Emotions has caused war, just as emotions can compel peace. We must hope by choosing to expect how we want to feel.  We can empower emotions as well as disempower our emotions. We must choose to follow our own rules, by embracings our positive emotions. We do not avoid our negative emotions by denying the emotion. We must confront the emotion and deal with it. We cannot conquer what we don't confront.  We must realize that negative emotions are apart of life.  We must realize this is reality. When you fail to deal with a situation you only cover it. If you do not deal with your negative emotions, how can you embrace the positive emotions? You must begin to utilize the emotions that disempower you. You must reverse, in other words empower your positive emotions by believing the desire you hope to have. For instance instead of the emotional of Fear. You can embrace the courage that resides inside of you. In other words. For every disempowered emotions, such as anger, frustration, bitterness, rejection, guilt, inadequancy, hopeless or depressed.  Disempowering emotions will drain your energy, vitality, and your mental clarity. If you focus on the disempowerement you will only intensify the emotion. You must focus on the empowering emotions that energize you , encourage, and uplift you. Such as happiness, laughter, joy, and peace. You must identify each emotion that you feel to overcome all the negativity that hinders your spiritual growth and personal devleopment. You must realize  you must attach a meaning to every emotion. If you are sad what does it mean. Ask yourself why? Express yourself be communicating within your self. Do not accept the negative emotions just choose to deal with that emotion. I realize that emotions lead and guide your everyday life. We must change our perception and our beliefs concerning our emotions. We must conquer our demons by confronting them. In other words call them out.  For instance i battled depression for about 20 years. As long as i can remember. I told myself that i was depressed. I would quote this like a ritual.. Well more like chant it. Thus causing me to dwell in a mental state of depression.  And i realize that i was able to overcome when i researched and ask myself Why? I was depressed. I constantly gave myself reasons to stay depressed. I finally got tired and frustrated of the way i felt. The Frustration I  felt caused me to change my expectations, my behavior, and to make changes and take the necessary steps to overcome.
I begin to focus on my inner healing once i realized that it was necessary in order for my success. I also  focused on leadership, personal development, and the most needed the Word of God.  I realize i can hoop and holler all day and claim to be healed in the name of the Lord. And the truth i definitelys speak. I found i had to not only believe i was healed but i had to make the necessary steps to recieve the inner healing that God orchestrated for me  on his set appointed time. Yet and still i knew that i had to embrace action by applying god's word to my everyday life. I chose to pour out unto God. My emotions was build up and my emotions had to realize that i was in charge. My Frustration revealed much.  Within your frustations lies the answers to your true growth and ability to invoke inner healing.

glenda powell

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