Thursday, May 26, 2011

The POWER in Forgiveness..

I started this blog as i have come to realize that you will reap what you sow.. I honestly finally understand that there is power in forgiveness.. .We must realize that the power lies within the depths of our heart.. It is true that out of the abundance of our hearts flows the issues of life.. I started Soul Prosperity,LLC in hopes of inspiring and motivating as well as encourage others. I realize that in order to be successful in any and all endeavors you must search your heart. Success does not dictate true happiness. But Inner peace is priceless. Mental clarity is more than all the diamonds in the world.. Money and Success is a desire that most truly want to attain. But true success lies deep within your soul. If you search your heart and confront all the pain and hurt that resides and abides in the depths of your soul. Thus, you will reach success on any and all levels. And this includes and is not limited to success in life, relationships, as well as business.  I have a strong desire to teach and motivate others while being an inspiration to provoke change within myself. I absolutely made up my mind to change my mentality, and overide the deception of fear. Fear is one of the reasons i believe that we hold on to unforgiveness .. simply because if you truly forgive you become vulnerable to love. Love is neccesary to overcome  fear. Do not be afraid to love.. If you decide to love  unconditionally  without no limitations then you are able to truly forgive all who wronged you. We tend to put limits on our love. Whereas god has commanded us to love. The way of love is the power in forgiveness. Love does suffers. We all have love within our hearts but we tend to pick and choose who we desire to love.. We must love all things, and love his creations. First and farmost we must learn to love ourselves. How can we love anyone else if we dont even love the person on the other side of the mirror?  The power in forgiveness lies within you. I encourage you to forgive yourself first and farmost for holding on to any pain, bitterness, rejection, anger, animosity, fear and anything that exalts itself against the high god.. The power in forgiveness is abiding within your mind, spirit and soul. Make up your mind today by Relinquishing the power that resides. You must relinquish by giving it up and into the hands of our creator. But understand you must replenish by refilling up on love. As i have sad in the beginning i believe there is truth we definitely reap what we sow. The power of forgiveness is the key  to unlock your Soul Prosperity..

xoxo- *STAR*
glenda powell

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