Friday, May 27, 2011


I completely understand the concept of molding. When i think of mold. I consider the mold that is green and slimy. The mold that builds up in your refrigerator simply because you may have allowed some contamination to infest a particular particle. For instance, the bread that sits to long because no one chooses to use it. Well, how many of us sit and allow infestations such as bitterness, anger, frustration, rejection, and fear to infest our minds. Most of us fail to realize that we are molded and formed in the image of our God. There is a proverb that says What do the rich man and poor man have in common? And the answer is: God is maker of them all. Do not allow a molded mentality to infest you mentally, spiritually, or physically. We have been created in his very essence. I love the lyric Tina Turner wrote. And i quote: I want to be made over. There are times that we must reevalute our situation and our circumstance and literally be made over. The bread is usually no good once it is molded. If we recognize the simple fact the bread has been contaminated in the beginning of the process of the mold. We are able to get rid of the mold and utilize whats left.  What do you have left? What is holding you back? What are some of the recognizations that you have come to understand that is within you and contaminates you mentally? Well, you can be made over by changing your mindset by renewing your mind as well as changing your mentality. We are to meditate on pure thoughts, and live an exemplified life. Do not be mocked and molded. You must be made over.  What ever your heart desires, will surely come to pass if you spend the quality time to re-examine yourself.  You must make the necessary changes within your self in order to embrace Soul Prosperity.  We have all been contaminated by many things as i have said. Therefore, get rid of the mold and deliberately shout MAKE ME. You must also believe that you are a new creature. As the bible says old things are past away, and I am a new creature in Christ.  There is a personal quote that our creator put in my spirit and i want you to utilize this quote and believe the truth of the matter. It says;  WHAT DONT MAKE ME-CANT BREAK ME AND THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN BREAK ME IS THE GOD WHO MADE ME.glenda powell 
So remember to mold is to make.. So molding is a process. We all have to go through the fire and walk out every trial and tribulation. The fact is we must learn in the process. Only a fool despise wisdom. I hope you take heed and believe and receive true Soul Prosperity in this season.

glenda powell

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